Photos and Video of ASI Semi Finals

  • Celia Hay

Click here to watch the video of the Semi Finals.

Thank you for these images Jean Bearnard!

19 semifinalists

Andrea Martinisi

Reeze Choi from China

Julie Dupouy from Ireland, placed 3rd in World Best Sommelier Competition 2016

Andrea Martinisi

Raimonds Tomsons from Latvia and European Champion 2017. He went on to be placed 3rd in ASI Best Sommelier 2019

Nina Hjgaard Jensen from Denmark who went on to be placed 2nd in the competition.

Loic Avril from Australia

Marc Almert from Germany who went on to win the Competition.

Piotr Pietras from Poland - Runner up for European Competitions 2017.

Iulia Scarvo from Romania.

Getting ready for the theory exam

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