Suraj GC at the ASI Malaysia Sommelier Bootcamp

  • Celia Hay

What surprised you most about the ASI Malaysia Sommelier Bootcamp?

The attention to detail was amazing in recognizing individual candidates from all parts of the world, and the Malaysian Sommelier Association's organizational skills were on point. 
Such a jam-packed schedule with all these intensive classes and training was very well managed. Also, to have so many wonderful and very well-known tutors in one place was amazing. And they managed to keep it all fun at all times! Super honored to be part of such an amazing program.

What session/s did you find the most insightful/valuable to you on a personal level?

For me pretty much every session was a notch or two higher than I have been fortunate enough to find in NZ, so many details in every session and also a connection on a one-on-one level from tutors was very humbling. 
I very much enjoyed the sessions with Mr. Soren Polonius for the competition preparations, Certification Q and A with Marc Almert and Giuseppe Vaccarini was so great. I loved the food and wine pairing sessions with Evan Goldstein and also the rare and extinct varieties from before pre phylloxera from Familia Torres was very exciting.

How will you apply the ASI Malaysia Sommelier Bootcamp experience to advance your own career?

I will be applying this Bootcamp experience pretty much in an everyday life scenario. The Bootcamp training were very intense and in-depth which will be super helpful to any Sommelier to advance their career. From the wine list tips from Paz Levison, event organizational skills from MS Mathias Camilleri and Exam preparation from Henri Chapion, I have already started applying these tips at my current workplace. Organizing proper staff training for the staff and colleagues, and different style of preparation for certification and competition scenarios will definitely keep me focused and in the right direction for advancing my future educational progress. 
All in all, I can say this Bootcamp has increased my respect and passion for a work of a Sommelier and hospitality in general.

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