Robert Bower of Taylors Port Tasting

  • Olivia Waikari

It was interesting to learn of Taylor’s role in the development of LBV or Late Bottled Vintage port style and how this innovation changed the dynamics of the struggling port trade at the time.

Launched in 1970 from vintage 1965, the LBV style was bottled later, after 4-6 years. The longer aging in barrel enabled the LBV to develop faster than Vintage wine and at the same time make it more affordable. LBV wines could also be kept open for 6 – 8 weeks without deterioration.

We were also privileged to taste Taylor’s 50 year old Golden Age - a mouthful of liquid raisins, cinnamon and toasted hazelnuts. Robert explained that this wine was the remaining portion of 35 barrels that had slowly evaporated over 50 years!

Also, in the 1970s Port wines were allowed to state the age of the wine on the label of old tawny ports: 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old tawnies creating other stylistic categories. Taylor’s Ports represent over three and a quarter centuries of family tradition that began with the foundation of Taylor Fladgate & Yeatman in 1692.

Taylor’s 1st Estate Reserve
Fonseca Bin27 Reserve 
Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage 2019
Taylors Classic Vintage Port 2017
Taylor’s 10 year old
Taylor’s 20 year old
Fonseca 10 year old
Taylor’s Golden Age 50 year old

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