Precision Pouring at NZ Sommelier of Year 2023

  • Celia Hay

Precision Pouring Challenge

NZ Sommelier of the Year finalists including Maika Yamamoto, our visiting sommelier from Japan. Maika achieved the highest results of the 4 visiting sommeliers.

Instructions: Task precision pouring of method traditional wine:

  • Our guests are very thirsty. 
  • Please open and serve this bottle of sparkling wine in 9 glasses.
  • You are allowed to pour multiple times into the same glass, but you are not allowed to go back to the glass once you moved on.
  • You have 4 minutes for this task.
  • Do you want me to repeat?
  • Time starts now.

Suraj opens the Quartz Reef Methode Tradionnelle. 

Precision pouring...

Vojtech carefully measures his Quartz Reef Methode Traditionnelle.

Angela Allan

Maika Yamamoto

Once completed, we all get to share and toast the candidates.

Thanks you to Quartz Reef

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