Leadership in Wine #6 - Andy Gladding

  • Alexis Robin

In 2014, Andy won the New Zealand Sommelier of the Year. At this time he was the head sommelier at The French Café, Auckland. He has trained and mentored several young sommeliers like Jared Svedlund who won New Zealand Junior Sommelier of the Year in 2015.

After having his first child, Andy decided to 'pivot' and start working as an account manager for Sabato, a fine food store.


How do you define leadership?

The ability to successfully share and teach skills and experience with others.


What are the main challenges of being a leader in the wine industry today?

Adapting to trends and maintaining good staff.


What are your major breakthroughs in your career to become the leader you are now?

Observing and learning from great leaders (this wasn’t an overnight break-through).


If you were starting your career in 2019 in the wine industry, what advice would you give to yourself to become successful and content?

Challenge yourself and keep challenging yourself.

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  • Sam Jewel
  • 28 Aug 2020
  • 7:38 pm

love this!

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