Leadership in Wine #28 - Andy Crozier

  • Alexis Robin

After finishing a science degree Andy did two years with the Majestic Wine graduate program in the United Kingdom, then came back to New Zealand and did a post grad Diploma in Oenology and Viticulture at Lincoln. Since then Andy has worked for the Fine Wine Delivery Company, Negociants NZ, Craggy Range, Mission Estate and for the last four years at Burn Cottage in Central Otago.

Andy currently sits on the board for COPNL/COWA and the marketing committee for New Zealand Winegrowers.


How do you define leadership?

An ability to communicate a vision and implement it, whilst sharing your knowledge with others and creating an environment that encourages creative thinking and a willingness to challenge and change.


What are the main challenges of being a leader in the wine industry today?

Most wine businesses / wineries are relatively small and therefore it’s about being able to adapt and change and having the broader set of skills that may be required within a large business.


What are your major breakthroughs in your career to become the leader you are now?

It’s probably a combination of timing, patience (or lack of) and having worked for wine businesses that were forward thinking. Also having mentors within those businesses that challenged me to achieve and gave me sound advice and the environment to learn and develop.


If you were starting your career in 2019 in the wine industry, what advice would you give to yourself to become successful and content?

Learn about all areas of the industry from production through to the business of wine and find people in the industry who are willing to share their knowledge. Take every opportunity to learn, taste wine and build a network.

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