Leadership in Wine #24 - Janiene Bayliss

  • Alexis Robin

Janiene started her career at BNZ as head of marketing and strategy before moving to London in 1999. There she had a very successful corporate career as a brand strategy expert working for Accenture and BBDO Worldwide.

Janiene is a mentor at Business Mentors New Zealand and an advisor for Dress for Success. In 2002 she planted her own vineyard Ata Mara in Central Otago. She is also the founder of Women In Wine in Central Otago.


How do you define leadership?

Collaborative, but action and execution is everything in this industry – you can't afford to do nothing in any aspect of the business and industry.


What are the main challenges of being a leader in the wine industry today?

Everyone is an expert on everything and there is so little real data to base decisions on, it becomes a business of experience not of proper analysis. There is a lack of real knowledge shared.


What are your major breakthroughs in your career to become the leader you are now?

Defining a need – developing a strategy and putting good people together that share the passion. We think then we act.


If you were starting your career in 2019 in the wine industry, what advice would you give to yourself to become successful and content?

Spend time with someone that has done it all – listen to the challenges, understand the costs and the commitment that is required. Then talk to others, if that is what you should do are you really suited to spending the next 20 years investing time and money in a business that won't pay you back much. Get a good mentor and be objective about it all.

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  • Cathrine lloyd
  • 21 May 2019
  • 9:53 am

This has been an excellent series of interviews. It allows us to meet the people behind the wine industry that I had not been aware of previously. I’ve enjoyed reading them.

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