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  • Celia Hay

Hello Beasty sommelier Craig Beattie features in the ASI Magazine Sustainability Edition and talks how he curates their wine list. This photo features owners, Emma and Stuart Rogan (chef patron) and Craig Beattie.

Hello Beasty opened in 2018 in the Viaduct Precinct of Auckland. We are an Asian Fusion Restaurant taking inspiration from Japan, Korea, China and New Zealand. In terms of the beverage program/wine list, we try to put an emphasis on smaller New Zealand producers with Organic and Biodynamic practices and then would have some benchmark comparisons from the old world. 

We really enjoy introducing people to some smaller producers that they might not ever have come across, through listings or by producer showcases. 

ASI: How do you recommend balancing the promotion of local wines to reduce carbon footprint with the desire to offer a diverse wine selection that sommeliers and wine enthusiasts seek?

I tend to work to the 75/25 rule, each section of our wine list here at Hello Beasty will have a old world option / comparison to satisfy all guests with the diversity and intrigue they seek and these selections I will change more frequently to keep things fresh and exciting for our regular guests.

Also with the diversity and multiple amazing wine regions throughout New Zealand it helps as there are lots of different regions to select from, for example I wouldn't select all of my New Zealand Pinot Noir to come from Central Otago, when there are great expressions from the likes of Martinborough and Marlborough.

We are always trying to have as little impact on the environment as possible, and have done this in multiple ways. A big one I have just introduced is the Eco Spirits for Batching some of our cocktails.

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Craig Beattie, sommelier Hello Beasty

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