Court of Master Sommeliers Advanced Sommelier Certificate 2021

  • Nidhi Wadhwani

The Court of Master Sommeliers offers four levels of accreditation for sommeliers and beverage professionals, beginning with the Introductory Sommelier Certificate course and examination. Students must pass each level of accreditation before proceeding onto higher levels, culminating in the highly prestigious Master Sommelier Diploma.

The Introductory Sommelier Certificate and Certified Sommelier may be applied for at the same course location and intake, whilst a 12-month break is required between passing Certified and applying for Advanced. A 2-year break is required between passing Advanced and applying for the Master Sommelier Diploma. Currently there are not plans to hold certification in New Zealand in 2021.

The Advanced Sommelier Certificate course and examination is intended for persons with extensive wine service experience, who wish to develop their knowledge and service skills to a higher level. Prospective candidates should be aware that the level is significantly higher than the Certified Sommelier examination and that it is, therefore, necessary to carry out considerable study in preparation for this course.

Court of Master Sommeliers Oceania's Certified Sommelier Examination in Sydney on Sept. 8, 2021.
If you've previously achieved the Introductory Sommelier Certificate and reside in Australia or New Zealand, then don't miss out on our FINAL Certified Sommelier Examination for 2021.

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