ASI Tutorial: Wine Service

  • Alisa Dobronravova

Wine service

The purpose of this task is to present, open and serve still wine that does not require decanting.

In a competition setting, all sommeliers should be prepared for different challenging scenarios to test their skills.

1. Sommeliers should always follow the orders given by the instructor/organizer. 

2. Sommeliers should also be familiar with all types of closures. 

3. Make sure you have taken the correct bottle and check the temperature.

4. When presenting the wine to the host, state the wine, vintage, producer, appellation and country of origin where applicable. 

5. Treat the bottle gently at all times.

6. Make sure that the glassware is clean and not chipped. 

7. The tasting sample poured for the host should be no more than 20-30 ml.

8. When pouring the wine, the wine's label should always face the guests. 

Click HERE to watch the full tutorial on the decanting techniques.

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