ASI Tutorial: Sparkling Wine Service

  • Celia Hay

Sparkling Wine Service

The purpose of this task is to present, open and serve sparkling wine in a safe and professional manner. 

In a competition setting all sommeliers should be prepared for some alternative or challenging scenarios to test their skills.

Sommeliers should always follow the orders given by the instructor/organizer. 

Ensure the bottle is properly chilled and keep it chilled. The bottle is kept in the ice bucket as often as possible. 

  1. Always dry the bottle with a napkin.
  2. Present the wine to the host and state the wine, vintage, producer, appellation and country where applicable. 
  3. Treat the bottle gently at all times. Make sure that the glassware is clean and not chipped. 
  4. The bottle should always be standing upright while unwinding the wire of the cage.
  5. Keep one hand on the top of muselet having full control of the cork ensuring it does not pop out of the bottle.
  6. When opening the bottle ensure you hold it with both hands: one on the bottom, the other around the cork.
  7. The sommelier keeps a firm grip at all times.
  8. Turn the bottle, not the cork.

Click HERE to watch the full tutorial on the decanting techniques.

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