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  • Celia Hay

Below you see a summary of all accomplishments since the ASI was elected 18 months ago and a brief projection for the remaining period of their administration.

What happened in the last 18 months?

ASI Certification and Exam Committee

Certification 1
A new certification introduced to answer a demand for several levels of knowledge/skills to be tested. First certification held on 10th of December, 2021. 242 sommeliers from 17 countries representing 29 nationalities participated, 171 passed (70,6% success rate).
 Another one will happen in May / June – more details soon !

Upcoming Certification 2
A more advanced certification of sommeliers‘ skills and knowledge, to be held in 2022 for the first time, next Fall.

ASI Diploma exam: the highest level of examination offered by ASI, to test sommeliers‘ skills, knowledge, presentation, etc. Held in English, French and Spanish. To be held on the 14th of March as an annual scheduled event.
2022 participation numbers: 100 candidates, passing the exam in 17 countries: Singapore, Venezuela, US, Spain, South Korea, Poland, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Japan, Italy, France, Estonia, Argentina, Australia, Croatia, China and Canada
For the first time, besides English, French and Spanish, the Diploma will also be available in Italian language.

Education Committee

ASI Guidelines
A set of detailed ASI guideline, also referred to as grids, developed by ASI Education, Exam and Contest Committees for sommeliers and judges for preparation and use for national/international contests and ASI certifications/Diploma exam.

ASI Sommelier Guidelines

ASI Evaluator Guidelines

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