ASI Magazine: The Year in Review

  • Celia Hay

According to ASI President, William Wouters, “as we near the end of 2022, the path forward has never been clearer. I cannot be more pleased with ASI’s accomplishments this past year. To say that we as a family came together to achieve great things is an understatement…… I believe ASI’s accomplishments in 2023 will be even greater. As I say you must build a strong ship before you can sail the seas.” 

While this edition of ASI Magazine shines a distinctively positive light on the past year, celebrating ASI’s many events and initiatives, it also illuminates the path forward to even better times for the growing association next year, which will be highlighted by the upcoming ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2023 contest in Paris. Guest editors Marc Almert, Arvid Rosengren, and Paolo Basso relive their journeys to becoming the ‘Best Sommelier of the World’, and there is a special feature about the upcoming contest featuring Philippe Faure-Brac, President of the USDF (Union de la Sommellerie Francaise), host of the upcoming competition, and himself a former ASI Best Sommelier of the World winner. Also highlighted are the nominees for the ASI Gérard Basset Lifetime Achievement Award, an award that recognizes the lifelong work of sommeliers and supporters of sommellerie. 

Joining Wouters, Fraure-Brac and ASI’s past Best Sommelier of the World champions in this issue is Claire Berticat, ASI Director of Marketing Committee, who discusses the many accomplishments of her team in the past year, and Mason Ng, ASI Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania 2022, who shares his story of sacrifice and unrelenting commitment.  
There is also a jovial, familial theme to the issue as notable sommeliers from around the globe share their favourite holiday-themed food and drink combinations, while the ASI Executive Board offers their suggestions for drinks to toast with this time of year.  

Highlights of this edition: 
-The Year in Review with William Wouters and Claire Berticat
-What it Takes to Become a Champion with Marc Almert, Arvid Rosengren, and Paolo Basso
- Honoring a legend: the ASI Gérard Basset Lifetime Achievement Award Nominees
- The Road to Paris: an interview with Philippe Faure-Brac
- Home for the Holidays: the ASI board share their favourite holiday food and drink  

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